Tax Guidance



book keep會計代理記帳

Outsourcing Tax Accounting


The company's financial matters to the professional financial agent, due to accounting norms, the cost is relatively low, as the vast mojaority of SME and new set up enterprises adopted.


Annual Reprot


According to China 's annual inspection system, government units within the time specified in the enterprise on a year to check the situation.More>>



dogma1Import & Export


M&X right is qualifications of enterprises carry out its own M&X business, must approve by related sector to have the right M&X.More>>


Audit Reportdogma1


An audit report refers to a document issued by an accountant after the implementation of an audit procedure in accordance with the independent auditing standard.More>>



dogma1Export Tax Rebates


China's export goods tax rebate, the basic system refers to the return of export goods, the actual value-added tax and consumption tax paid in the domestic production and circulation.More>>


General Taxpayer


The mainland in the initial operation for tax invoices for transactions, its corporate tax invoices can be divided into general tapayer and small-scale taxpayers.More>>



dogma1General Taxpayer


The company's cancellation means that the company declares bankruptcy, or is acquired by another company, the business period expires or the company's internal disbandment, etc., the company needs to go to the registration authority to apply for registration, and terminate the company's legal personality.