Offshore company introduction


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Introduction of offshore company



-Offshore companies operate in a variety of ways, and different offshore companies have different characteristics.

Also known as offshore company, refers in the British Virgin Islands BVI, Hong Kong, Samoa, Seychellois, the United Kingdom, Labuan (Malaysia), the above-mentioned countries or regions that develop trade and investment, and the "offshore companies" established by these special international company laws and systems, can promote the globalization of enterprises by setting up foreign companies with tax-free or extremely low tax incentives.

The pace is more flexible, making the layout of the strategy more flexible, so companies from all over the world invest abroad and set up overseas companies.

Why do you want to register for an overseas company? What are the procedures for applying for offshore company registration?

Flexible is key enterprises, enterprises of every action, every decision and every consideration, we must put her lights city level, the first priority consideration. The function of setting up an offshore company is that it has the following advantages:

 1. Develop a multinational business and effectively enhance the corporate image.

 2. The registration of an overseas company is simple, fast, and low-cost. It can be entrusted to an agent for registration, and there is no need to register in person.

 3. Facilitate tax arrangements and capital operation planning.

 4. Company information is highly confidential and convenient for commercial operations.

 5. The threshold for applying for an offshore company is simple, and individuals or companies can apply.

 6. If you do not use the stop renewal fee, the mobility is high.

The application process for overseas companies is as follows : 

1. Provide overseas companies to set up a name for inquiry.

2. Provide directors, shareholder shareholding ratio and supporting documents.

3. Before the establishment of the overseas company, the information will be prepared and the secretary company will be entrusted to submit the information to overseas registration.

4. After completing the registration, the information will be returned from overseas express.

Offshore (offshore) company functions

As global competition becomes more intense, the professional capabilities or adaptability that multinational corporations must possess are becoming more and higher, and the functions of overseas companies are also derived from many functions. If in accordance with the mode of operation can be divided into two types Holdings and trade. 

The main following are the functions of overseas companies:  

1. International trade operations (three or four corners of trade)  

2. Legal tax savings (funds scheduling/earnings adjustment)

3. Convenient for foreign exchange and financial operations (no exchange control)  

4. Overseas investment holding / national embassy certification

5. The effect of delaying the payment of taxes (deferred taxation)  

6. VIE structural function, that is, variable interest entity, also known as protocol control, VIE does not control the company by way of stock ownership but by signing an agreement.

Offshore (offshore) company - planning operations

Overseas companies operate in a variety of ways and applying for different offshore companies also has different characteristics. Therefore, after using the planning, you must clearly understand the actual needs, select the appropriate foreign country, and then apply for registration of the overseas company.

It is not difficult to set up an overseas company now. What you really need to pay attention to is the follow-up of the establishment of the company, such as how to choose an overseas bank account for opening an account / if it is certified as an investment company of an overseas investment company / international trade Practical problems and consulting/operational precautions/ changes and responses to the latest policies and regulations, etc., these are the real needs of enterprises. 

Inter Area with many years of business experience, can not only pay attention to customers/services but also matters related to the opening and registration of overseas companies. Because Inter Area has the expertise to familiarize with the establishment of foreign companies and let customers understand the functions of overseas companies, and provide planning, registration, practical cases, and related precautions and the latest information, we provide customers with the most complete and fast and peace of mind. Service. Focus is around the background and purpose of the investment practices of customers, different products and services to generate new experiences on the experience determine the future value.