Samoa Company Registration


Samoa Companies Registered


Samoa located in the south Pacific Ocean, west of Samoa Islands, consists of Savai'i Island and Upolu Island two main islands, and seven smalle islands. Most areas are covered by the jungle. Tropical rainforest climate.

Somoa was called Western Samoa, in July 1997, approved by Parliament, heads of state signed the name of the country from the Independent State of Western Samoa to Independent State of Samoa (referred Samoa), one of the Member of the United Nations. Samoa's constitutional follow the parliamentary system is based on British common law, and deeply affected by the Commonwealth jurisprudence. In 1987 and 1988, local government issued an International Company Law and related bank, trust and Insurance Act, the International Company Law also amended in accordance with the form of BVI, making it easier to use.

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Advantages & Functions

Why can Samoa become the second choice after BVI? Because of International Company Law amended the form of the BVI, so there is more advantageous than BVI, advantages are as follows:

  1. High privacy—Details of the directors no need to included in any public record.
  2. High acceptable of banks—almost all designated foreign exchange banks in Taiwan can establish BVI company OBU account.
  3. Easy to set up—only need one or more shareholder/director information than can register to set up.
  4. Easy to maintainwithout presenting the company annual report and audited accounts nor required to convene the Annual General Meeting. Only need to pay a fixed government fee to annul which can sustain the company.
  5. High registered capital—Companies can customize the registered capital, and without increasing the capital tax.

The main position as "Investment Holdings" companies.。EX:As China investment holding company. It can use for trading purposes. Its standard registered capital amounted is USD 1,000,000, so it can be transferred to investment patterns, to avoid bilateral taxation and reduce investment risk.


Specification Of Somoa Incorporation

  1. Company's English name (can add Chinese on it, need to pay USD100 to establish license).
  2. English contact address
  3. Minimum 1 shareholder/director passport copy.
  4. The standard register capital of USD 1,000,000 (can increase/decrease, government fees will not increase)