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  • Singapore is the third-largest financial center in the world, second only to London, England, and New York. As a result, Singapore's financial system is complete and its international reputation is high. After the Bank of Singapore opened an account, foreign exchange is also unregulated. All major international banks are stationed in Singapore. When attracting many multinational companies to choose an overseas company to open an account,they will choose to open an account in Singapore for financial/funding operations.


  • However, due to the freedom of operation of the Bank of Singapore after opening an account, the Bank of Singapore has strict requirements for opening an account (KYC).
    In addition to the person in charge must be present in person, different banks have different conditions for opening accounts and basic deposits if the plan is different. To open an account in Singapore, you must first confirm the threshold of the local bank in Singapore and the information you need to prepare, or seek the assistance of an experienced service agent to avoid opening the account because you do not know the bank requirements, not only wasting time and money but also Yan's company's capital operation schedule.


  • Opening an account in Singapore, characterized by a mature market in the financial system that emphasizes regulation and risk prevention, has evolved into an international financial center that is currently based on information disclosure and encourages financial innovation. Singapore's international image is clear, but under the strict management of the Singapore Financial Management Association, the threshold for opening overseas accounts for Singaporean banks is relatively strict and the approval is relatively rigorous. In terms of geographical location, Hong Kong is more convenient than Singapore. Most people choose to be geographically located. A closer Hong Kong account is opened, but the opposite Hong Kong bank will have more approval systems for too many accounts. Therefore, although Singapore has stricter account opening approvals than Hong Kong, it is less worried about the impact of policies; Singapore has diplomatic relations in many countries. Therefore, companies planning to invest in Southeast Asian countries will be preferred to open an account in Singapore. In addition, Singapore banks enjoy more preferential foreign exchange, so many international business partners are also engaged in commercial activities. I will choose to open an account in Singapore.


  • In order to be an international trade market, most investors choose to set up a company in Singapore and must open an account in Singapore. However, opening a business in Singapore is more stringent. To open a company account in Singapore, you must make an appointment to open an account in Singapore through the initial review of the bank. The experience of opening an account in Singapore is easy to be rejected by the bank at the first trial. 
    This is easy for investors to waste time and money. Therefore, it is necessary to open an account with the bank through experienced professionals and to open an account in Singapore through professional consultation and preparation of documents. The chance of success.
    Inter Area provides a special person who can help and bring customers to open an account in Singapore, don't worry about which local bank to open an account.


Operating Characteristics

Generally, there is no passbook for opening a company account in Singapore. Most bank transactions can be completed in online banking. Internet banking can be used for cross-border remittance. The bank will provide an online banking affiliate encoder as a protection mechanism for transaction remittance. 

The online banking of Singapore is very common and mature. Compared with traditional banking, online banking has saved the cost of running the bank and has a high degree of security.



 How to open a bank account in Singapore?

After the Bank of Singapore opens an account, the funds operate freely. The Bank of Singapore has strict requirements for opening an account. In addition to the person in charge must be present in person, different banks have different conditions for opening accounts and basic deposits. If you plan to open an account in Singapore, be sure you have the required information ready for Singapore bank.



check the threshold of the local bank in

Singapore and the information to be 



如何去新加坡開戶英文04 prepare the pre-review materials.          



submit to the bank and make an           

appointment to open an account.          



you can arrange a time to open an 

account in Singapore. Please note that 

on the day of opening the account, the 

signatory who has the right must sign 

in person and bring the relevant 




If you want to confirm what documents you need to bring, please feel free to contact us.

At present, it is very difficult to make an appointment to open a bank account. It is recommended to contact a consulting company to save your processing time.



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