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Inter Area accounting outsourcing services can help clients to book-keep in China like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other places, and hand over the company's financial affairs. Due to the low cost, were used by most small and micro enterprises and start-up companies. The benefits of outsourcing save costs, financial work will not be interrupted, and it can avoid unnecessary losses caused by changes in accounting personnel, timely and accurate tax returns.


Bookkeeping/Accounting Service Process

Transnational investment activities are increasingly active. In different countries, markets need to follow local accounting standards. Through accounting and taxation outsourcing services, can establish a complete financial management system can ensure that local taxes comply with laws and regulations. Reduce fiscal and tax risks and ensure that customers can be focused on core business/product and business development.

InterArea is committed to improving accounting service standardization and accounting information communication SOP, improving resource efficiency allocation to reduce the unnecessary time and cost loss, thereby eliminating the gaps and obstacles in cross-border tax information, and is committed to improving the efficiency and value of services for customers. Accurately provide local tax financial information and present practical solutions to meet the needs of investors and other financial information users.



Bookkeeping service project

  1. Will prepare financial statements for the company according to the accounting standards and establish for the enterprise accounting system.

  2. Review original vouchers, fill in accounting vouchers (ticket vouchers, etc.), register accounting books, prepare accounting statements, fill in tax returns and declare (tax returns), provide financial guidance (such as buying invoices, etc.), monthly registration of general ledger, subsidiary ledger, accounting statements.

  3. The bookkeeping service includes monthly and annual reporting services for various types of taxes (value-added tax, business tax, personal income tax, etc.), corporate income tax compliance reporting, and monthly tax return for the company.

  4. Financial and tax policies, free consultation, etc., to assist the company in general issues from taxation, communication, and coordination.

  5. Establish complete financial internal control.


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