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Provisions of the food safety act started since June 1, 2009:"Food distribution license " officially started, replaced "food hygiene license ". Food hygiene license shall not be issued again. Issued production, circulation licenses, and food and beverage licenses by regulatory authorities.



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  • Application conditions of Food distribution license
  • What companies need to apply for a Food Distribution License?



Engaged in food import and export trade or sell food in China, should obtain food business license. Foreign investors must apply for three licenses. Mainly contains the import and export business documents, the food licenses application process is as follows:



Food Distribution License

 1. Food Distribution License:
All of the enterprise must apply food distribution if they want to do food business in China.



Customs Registration Certificate

2. Customs Registration Certificate:
Imported food commodity sales to China, it shall apply for one of the three food customs  
registration certificate"Customs registration certificate", Engaged in import and export
business, you must apply this certification.



Self Examination And Inspection Enterprises Registered Certificate

3. Self - Examination And Inspection Enterprises Registered Certificate:
All of the merchandise must be declared before import to China. After apply "Self -
examination and inspection enterprises registered certificate", and get the inspection        
report can the shelves be officially sold.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce promulgated the "measures for the administration of the authorization of food circulation" on July 30, 2009. The provisions on the application, acceptance, examination, distribution, alteration, cancellation of the food circulation license and the administration of the license are fully stipulated.
Industrial and commercial authorities will perform the duties of food circulation management according to law, and provide high-quality and efficient services for the registration of food managers.《Food distribution license》is enterprises engaged in food circulation in the circulation of legal documents, only after the food distribution license has been obtained in accordance with the law can the food operators be able to engage in food business in China, rights, and interests can be guaranteed by law, customers' reputation will be doubled, and the business will be more and more.
The implementation of enterprise registration "three in one" reform the system of commercial China. In the past, the industry and commerce, quality inspection, the tax department issued 3 licenses, certificates of registration of new food enterprises now as long as 3 days, significantly reduce the handling process, three certificates for food.



* Application conditions of Food distribution license *

According to《Food safety law》,《Regulation on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law》,State Administration of industry and Commerce relevant regulations of《Measures for the Administration of Food Circulation Permits》the economic entities engaged in food business in circulation shall obtain food circulation licenses in accordance with the law, and apply to the administrative departments for Industry and commerce with registration jurisdiction for industrial and commercial registration. The essential conditions for unit or individual to apply"Food distribution license"


Food distribution license02 Food distribution license02

1.The sign must be in accordance with the font     
size name approved by the business.



2.Business premises and toxic substances (pesticides,
chemicals, gas etc.) to keep a safe distance from the
production or function of the place, except for wastewater
and gas, organic waste, sewage, garbage disposal,
dust, and other pollution sources influence scope. 



Food distribution license04 Food distribution license04

3.The environment is clean and sanitary, with      
goodventilation, lighting, and lighting.


4.The ground, wall surface, and top surface shall be         
paved or painted with impervious, non-absorbent,
non-toxic and easy to clean materials, and the outlet
of the sewer shall be closed tightly.



Food distribution license06 Food distribution license06

5.Food establishments must beseparated        
from living quarters.

6.If there is a storage place, the food storage shall be    
provided with special areas, and shall not be
in the same storehouse as the toxic and




What companies need to apply for a Food Distribution License? *

The market economy becomes more and more standardized, legal system and supervision system of food circulation more and more perfect, to want to engage in business enterprises, imported food, food, the application must have three certificates, and no food distribution license is can't do anything. Inter-Area has professional personnel to describe China food three application process to the client enterprise, simplify approval procedures, to avoid the cumbersome process, for the enterprise to save time and cost, to help customers for three Chinese food applications, for
customers in the food industry business in China.

Here are some companies that need food distribution license applications:

  1. Enterprise applied for food distribution license needs to have fixed business premises, engaged in pre-packaged food, bulk food wholesale or retail activities of various types of enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers, professional cooperatives.
  2. Each branch of the enterprise must separate applications are required.
  3. The same food operator engages in food circulation business activities in more than two locations, they should apply separately at different locations.
  4. Operators of other trades, enterprises that sell pre-packaged food or bulk food, need to apply for food distribution licenses.
  5. Frontcourt backcourt street shop sales scene processed food needs to apply China food certificate (On-site processing of food, food, and beverage service license)
  6. Food producers and catering service providers set up sales outlets, sell their own processed food or other food, also need to apply for food certification(Food producers need to apply for food production licenses, and food and beverage service providers need to apply for food service licenses);
  7. Apply for Chinese food certificate in the trade market before selling processed cooked food, finished food and semi-finished products.


Inter Area has years of professional business experience to apply for all kinds of China permit qualification certificate, the essence of accreditation, Chinese, three, Chinese food application, apply for import and export experience. Apply for industrial and commercial registration, (China) permit application for follow-up accounting service agent. Inter-Area provides one-stop service for company registration in China, also provides professional personnel to apply three food or food import and export-related consultation. Investors to be targeted at local businesses, and be able to stay in the local and take care of the business issues for the customer are our goals so that investors can trust their investments and focus on business development. Imported food commodity sales to China, it shall apply for one of the three food customs registration certificates.



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